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Russia-media.RU – Murmansk & Arctic News on holiday

The publisher of norge.russland.RU and russia-media.RU, Ulrich Kreuzenbeck, has left Murmansk for a well deserved vacation in southern regions. Therefore, we update our internet newspaper only very sporadically, mostly in case of bad weather (which we hope will not happen). We will be back in [...]

Update: 21 killed, over 160 injured in subway accident in Moscow

At least 21 people were killed and over 160 were hospitalized with partly serious injuries after an accident in Moscow’s subway (“Metro”) on Tuesday, said a spokesman for the local government. Among the victims are six foreigners. Wednesday was declared an official day of mourning [...]

“Eternal” winter time in Russia from October

The Russian parliament has adopted a law on time and time zones. This means that Russia will on October 26 set the clock back one hour to “winter time”. After this step all experiments will be history – there will be one time that applies all year and no difference between summer [...]

Another long weekend starts on Wednesday afternoon

We would like to remind our readers that Russia celebrates the “Russian Day” tomorrow, Thursday, 12 June. This is an official holiday and offices, banks, schools and most companies are closed. According to Russian tradition also the following Friday is a day off – no one should be [...]

Russia: Next step of anti-tobacco law in force from 1 June

The law against tobacco smoking has become stricter from June 1: Cafes and restaurants have no longer smoking areas, and it`s forbidden to smoke in hotels, shopping centers and long distance trains. Moreover, cigarettes and other tobacco products disappears behind the counter in shops and kiosks. [...]
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