The ‘Putin Plan’ for settling the conflict in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin outlined a plan for settling the conflict in Southeast Ukraine while speaking with journalists at the end of his working visit to Mongolia. Mr. Putin said: In order to stop the bloodshed and stabilise the situation in southeast Ukraine, I believe that the parties to [...]

Telephone conversation with US President Barack Obama

On Friday Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with President of the United States of America Barack Obama on the American side’s initiative. The two leaders exchanged views on developments in the Ukrainian crisis. Despite their significant differences in views on many fundamental issues, [...]

Russia clears 90 percent of Cuba’s debt

Russia’s economic situation is obviously not as bad as some like to believe: President Putin has signed a decree that clears 90 percent or $ 32 billion of Cuba’s state debt to Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree to write off 90 percent of Cuba’s government [...]
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