Poor perspectives for peace in Ukraine

The Ukrainian army has launched an offensive against pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, with Slavjansk as the main target. Several people were injured or killed in the fighting. Moscow accuses Kiev of breaking the Geneva agreement and believes that after the recent events there is no hope [...]

1st and 2nd May will be work-free days in Russia

Russia is again facing a long weekend. Both the 1st of May and the following Friday are work-free days on which, among other offices, schools and banks are closed . Shops will be opened as usual. FLAIT Groups Murmansk office is closed on Thursday and has only one emergency service on Friday. More [...]

Original text of the Geneva Statement on Ukraine

On Thursday Ukraine, Russia, the EU and the USA signed the so-called “Geneva Statement on Ukraine” about how to reach a de-escalation in Ukraine. The  main points are: All illegal armed groups must be disarmed. All illegally occupying buildings must be returned to their legitimate owners. All [...]
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