Russia’s comeback on the international bond market

The transition from dollar to euro-based bonds has helped Russian banks back to the bond market, writes Deutsche Wirtschaft Nachrichten. Russia wants more independence from U.S. currency also because of the U.S. sanctions. The Russian Euro-bonds were well received by investors and analysts call [...]

New 1 ruble coin has been issued by Russian Central Bank

The Russian central bank has begun the issue a new coin. The 1-ruble-coin has got a new design which shows on the front the new symbol of the ruble. The Central Bank has started issuing the new coin on 17 June 2014. It is produced in an volume of 100 million pieces. The material used is steel with [...]

Visa and MasterCard continue in Russia

The two American card companies Visa and MasterCard want to continue their business activities in Russia, said representatives of both payment systems at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum on Friday. Visa and MasterCard want to create a national Russian payment system, said Russia’s Finance [...]

Inflation in Russia at 7.2 percent

Prices in Russia are at the moment 7.2 percent higher than one year ago. Thus, inflation is already 2.2 percentage points above the forecast of the central bank.  Main reason is the weak ruble rate. Russia imports about half of its fruit and vegetables. Also milk, fish, tea, coffee, meat and milk [...]

Danish Rockwool has opened new production in Vyborg

The Danish company Rockwool  reported on Thursday the opening of a new production line for insulation materials at its plant in Vyborg. The investment amounts to over nine million euro, the government of the Leningrad region said in a press release. Rockwool has from 1999 to now invested over 14.5 [...]
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