Ukraine: How to create an internal crisis with “good help” from outside

I’m getting more and more frustrated with what is happening in Ukraine. And I am also frustrated by how little the different parts do to deescalate the conflict. It seems that the crisis gets bigger and bigger. And more and more indications show that powerful forces abroad – and here I am thinking primarily of the European Union and the United States – has “helped” to start the uprising and continues to support destructive players in the fragile country between Russia and the EU. Such an interference in the internal affairs leads usually never to any good – as we can see now very clearly.

I cannot say I liked the ousted president. He played too many games in the dark and was most likely involved in some very big cases of corruption. But I’m even less excited about the undemocratic process that – paradoxically enough, in the name of democracy – has led to a dangerous destabilization of the whole country.

When the street “parliament” takes over, with a lot of obscure and violent people from the extreme right, democracy is in danger. It is a shame that western countries like the USA and Germany intervened directly (and not only with the help of the famous Klitchko) and supported the anti-Russian movement in their undemocratic take-over. We should not forget that both the government and the president (we might like him or not) came into power through democratic elections.

I ‘m not proud of the role which “the West” has played in this drama. And I also do not like the one-sided perspective which the majority of the western media has in their reports and articles. They have mostly nothing to do with journalism but primarily with propaganda against Russia and those who show understanding for the Russian side.