How to fill in a Russian visa application

It is very important to fill in everything 100 percent correct, otherwise the application will be rejected.

Please note that nobody really can guarantee the handling time at the consulate. Therefore it is very important to start the procedure as soon as possible. You should calculate with at least one week starting from the time the fee is registered on the account of the Russian visa center (if you ask FLAIT Group to take care of your visa, they will pay immediately after you have informed them that your documents are sent to the visa center). Shorter handling time must be negotiated!

An application form can be downloaded from the following address:

Read the following instructions carefully:

1) NATIONALITY (Statsborgerskap) – your nationality at the present moment
2) SURNAME (Etternavn) – your surname exactly as it is written in your passport
3) FIRST NAME, OTHER NAMES (Fornavn, andre navn) –your first name, patronymics etc as written in your passport
4) DATE OF BIRTH (Fødselsdato) – DD/MM/YY
5) SEX (Kjønn) – M (male), F (female)
6) PASSPORT NO (Passnummer) – also information about when and where it was issued
7) PURPOSE OF VISIT (Mål med innreise) – if you have a business invitation (forretningsinvitasjon) it is business. If you have a tourist invitation / voucher it is ”Common Tourism”

8) CATEGORY AND TYPE OF VISA (Kategori/type av visum) – for business travels, if nothing else is written in your invitation: ”Common Business” (see paragraph 7), for tourist travels it is ”Tourism”.
9) NUMBER OF ENTRIES (Antall innreiser) – mark the right category according to your invitation: 1, 2 or more (multientry) for business travels.For tourist travels it is usually only 1 trip (if nothing else is mentioned in your invitation). Never state anything which is not covered by your invitation!
10) DATE OF ENTRY INTO RUSSIA (Dato for innreise) – cannot be earlier than they date stated in your invitation / voucher
11) DATE OF EXIT FROM RUSSIA (Dato for utreise) – cannot be later than they date stated in your invitation / voucher
12) HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU BEEN TO RUSSIA? (Antall tidligere innreiser) – be so exact as possible. Here you also have to inform about the date of your last trip to Russia (from-to)
13) NAME OF HOST ORGANISATION YOU INTEND TO VISIT (Organisasjon som skal besøkes) – BUSINESS: if you have an invitation from FLAIT Group: write OOO Flait Group Murmansk, Vorovskogo 5/23, 183038 Murmansk – if it is another organisation (even FLAIT Group has supplied this invitation to you) you have to write the name and address of that organisation (in that case FLAIT Group will inform you about the details)! – TOURISM: if you have an invitation from FLAIT Group: write OOO Flait Group Murmansk, Vorovskogo 5/23, 183038 Murmansk, reference no. 008782. Confirmation number on top of the voucher.
14) ROUTE OF JOURNEY (Reiserute) – you have to list the places you are going to visit, must be strictly according to your invitation
15) DO YOU HAVE A HEALTH INSURANCE THAT IS VALID IN RUSSIA? (Medisinsk reiseforsikring) – a valid travel insurance for your trip to Russia is required. Mark ”yes” and give information about the name of your insurance and your insurance policy number. You have to attach a copy of your travel insurance policy. If you would mark ”no” your application would be rejected
16) CHILDREN UNDER 16 YEARS AND OTHER RELATIVES WRITTEN IN YOUR PASSPORT AND TRAVELLING WITH YOU (Barn og familie som du reiser sammen med) – only if you are travelling together with children under 16 years and other members of your family whom are listed in your passport

17) OTHER NAMES USED IN THE PASSED (Andre tidligere navn) – if you had another name before (for example before your marriage) it must be written in here
18) YOUR PERMANENT ADDRESS ETC. (Bostedsadresse) – inform about your place of living, incl. telephone and if possible email and fax
19) YOUR PLACE OF BIRTH (Fødselssted) – as it is written in your passport
20) PLACE OF WORK OR STUDY, PRESENT POSITION (Arbeids/studiested, nåværende stilling) – inform about your working place / place of study,  incl. telephone, email. Fax and your present position
21) DO YOU CURRENTLY HAVE RELATIVES IN RUSSIA (Slektninger i Russland) – if you have relatives living in Russia you have to list them up here

You will also be asked where your visa shall be made and picked up – you can choose between different alternatives. If you have agreed to get your visa through the general consulate in Kirkenes (for people living in northern Norway or travelling via Kirkenes) you have to mark Visa Application Center Kirkenes. If you have agreed to get your visa through the embassy in Oslo you have to mark Visa Application Center Oslo.

Do not forget to send the completed appication together with your original passport, a new (!) photo (to be attached to the application; the picture needs to have a light background. Laserprints will not be accepted, it has to be a real photo), a copy of your insurance and the invitation!

Do not forget to sign and date the application!



If your name contains any characters other than Latin (for example Ñ, É, Ü, Ā, Ŏ. Å, Ø, Æ or Ç), please use the spelling of your name that appears in machine readable zone of your passport at the bottom of the biographical data page. For instance a first name and surname are spelled as «Séo Türre» on the biographical data page while in the machine readable zone they appear as «Seo Tuerre».




Foreign citizens need to proof that they are working / living in Norway:  copy of living permit (oppholdstillatelse)  or a confirmation of registration (EEA citizens) from Norwegian authorities,


Dokumentene skal sendes til:

IFS Kirkenes (Russisk visumsenter)


Postboks 235

9915 Kirkenes


If attend to you use Oslo:


Mail Boxes Etc 238,

Att. Visumservice FLAIT

0028 Oslo


 Info provided by FLAIT GROUP MURMANSK. Updated 05/03/14

This is no official information, therefore we cannot take any responsibility any mistakes or changes.