Saturday 8 March: Women’s Day – Monday, 10 March officially a day off

On Saturday, Russia and some other countries mainly in the former USSR (also in Ukraine) celebrate the traditional Women’s Day. Women receive much attention, not at least in the shape of flowers, cakes, gifts and invitations. Because that day falls on a Saturday, Monday will be a day off – so everybody can calm down after the challenges of Women’s Day and Sunday.

Therefore: offices, schools, banks and similar institutions will be closed on Monday. FLAIT Group’s office in Murmansk is partially open.

Women’s Day which is celebrated on 8 March has its roots in a protest march that female textile workers conducted in New York in 1857. The German revolutionary feminist activist Clara Zetkin proclaimed 8 March as International Women’s Day at a conference in Copenhagen in 1910. In our day, Women’s Day, however, lost much of its former revolutionary significance – to formulate it in a careful manner.

Nevertheless, congratulations from FLAIT Group and russia-media.RU to all women – not only in Russia!!