About the good life in Murmansk

Now I have lived 12 years in Murmansk and I just have to say that I like it here better and better. Especially when I think of all the cafes and restaurants that opened during the last few years. Had it not been for the harsh climate up here in the far north one would think that this was a town in central Europe.

In addition we have shopping opportunities that can match the offer in any major city in the “West”. Many of my clients and friends do are not able to travel from Murmansk without having shopped new shoes, clothes or even kitchen equipment to actually still acceptable prices .

The latest addition to the café front in Murmansk is “White Rabbit”. During half a year good old café “Sever”, an eatery in stout Soviet style, has been transformed into a modern café which might as well be on the Westside of Oslo or in the new center of Berlin. Maybe it is a bit soulless, as my good friend Sari will think – but with a totally wonderful offerings of food and drinks There are now so many great spots in Murmansk that you can eat and drink every night on a new exciting bar, cafe or restaurant for about two months.

Moreover, Murmansk municipality spent some money for a facelift of the public space – and more will be done in the near future. I should not forget to mention the city’s vibrant cultural scene with concerts , exhibitions and theater, not only when we can enjoy the Nordic Days as we do at this moment .

But now we are waiting for summer so we can stroll along the city streets and parks without fur hats, gloves and winter boots.

Photo: Kristin Høiby (White Rabbit)