SIVA Murmansk celebrated its 15th anniversary

Friday 11 April SIVA invited their tenants and friends to a party to mark the 15th anniversary of Murmansk and thank you for the excellent cooperation .

Formally known as SIVA Industrial Park in Murmansk, the office building at the port opened 15 years ago to meet the growing demand of the international business community for office space with modern standards.

Over the years SIVA introduced some innovative solutions in addition to the conventional concept of an “ordinary” office building. Thus, a Norwegian -Russian Business Incubator and Resource Centre for Norwegian businesses opened inside the building. The premises were henceforth known as SIVA Innovation Centre.

SIVA Innovation Centre is currently home to some 30 companies employing over 100 people. Besides the Norwegian -Russian business incubator section is housing 10 promising new companies.

The center is located at the fishing port some 10 minutes drive from downtown . Tenants are Russian, Norwegian and other foreign companies working with marine, fisheries, oil- and gas and other industries. Over 90 percent of office space is rented.

SIVA Industrial Park in Murmansk is a subsidiary of Siva Norway .