Poor perspectives for peace in Ukraine

The Ukrainian army has launched an offensive against pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, with Slavjansk as the main target. Several people were injured or killed in the fighting. Moscow accuses Kiev of breaking the Geneva agreement and believes that after the recent events there is no hope for the peace treaty of Geneva.

According to the president’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Vladimir Putin gets operational information on developments in southeast Ukraine in connection with the start of the penalty operation where the Ukrainian armed forces, including Air Force, participate in.

Russia now asks the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE ) to take measures to stop the Ukrainian government to continue the penalty operation in the southeastern part of the country. This was confirmed by Russia’s permanent envoy at the OSCE, Andrei Kelin.

Previously announced Ukraine’s Defense Ministry that the two men were killed during special operation in Slavjansk . The city’s self-defense said for his part that they have lost a soldier.

The German news magazine SPIEGEL Online reports that the Kremlin accuses the Ukrainian government to destroy the “last hope” for the implementation of the peace agreement from Geneva by the use of violence against activists .

The government in Kiev has according to Putin’s spokesman Peskov switched to battle mode and attacks peaceful settlements. He spoke of a “penalty action” performed by Ukrainian governmental forces.

Source: Voice of Russia , SPIEGEL Online