Northern Norwegian tourism on exhibition in Murmansk

For the first time Northern Norway will be represented through the North Norwegian Tourist Board on the annual tourism fair in Murmansk. In Northern Recreation – 2014 tour operators from Northwest Russia and neighboring countries are participating. The Travel Exhibition will take place 15- May 18 in the Murmansk Ice Palace.

In addition the North Norwegian Tourist Board (NNR AS) organizes on Thursday May 15th a special workshop with tour operators from Murmansk oblast who are interested in selling more travel products from Northern Norwegian and want to develop cross-border tourist products in cooperation with northern Norwegian partners.

The workshop participants will present their products and discuss, among other things, what it takes to get more tourists across the border in both directions, and how to use a common marketing channels in the Norwegian -Russian tourism in the years ahead.
The new Barents initiative takes place in the framework of an international project that the North Norwegian Tourist Board conducts together with the Barents Secretariat since January 2014. The project will identify opportunities for profitable cross-border tourism traffic between Northwest Russia and northern Norway and propose practical measures to realize the market potential.

Source: Press Release of Northern Norwegian Tourist Board