GPS stations on Russian territory will be temporary disconnected from June 1

From 1 June the American GPS stations on Russian territory have to suspend there activities, the news service Kaliningrad Domizil reports. This is seen as a reaction to America’s reluctance to grant the competing Russian navigation system GLONASS the allowance to install stations on American territory.

The Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that all GPS stations will lose the license to continue work in Russia as of June 1, 2014.

Russia is already trying for a long time to come to an agreement with the USA on the stationing of the Russian system “GLONASS” on U.S. territory. The applied allowance was so far not granted.

Russia has now appointed a special task force of scientists and representatives from the Foreign Ministry to resume talks with the United States. For a conclusion of these negotiations, Russia has given a deadline of three months.

If the result of the talks will be mutually beneficial, cooperation can continue and stations in Russia can start to operate again. If results are not acceptable for Russia, Russian “GPS” stations will be permanently discontinued from 1 September, according to Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin .

Source: Kaliningrad-Domizil