Summer in the City – the first evening of the year on the outdoor terrace

It is no more than one week ago when we discussed in our office in Murmansk whether there might be too early to go over to summer tires. Today this is forgotten and winter is a thing of the past.

The thermometer shows actually 22 degrees (above zero!) and it gets pretty warm in my office – so warm that I’ve decided to leave my work very early today – sorry dear clients).

Instead of working more I will I rather sit on the terrace in front of Park Inn Poliarnie Zori and enjoy one (or more) glasses of white wine. Soon they also will serve ice cold dry cider from England – the best summer drink I know of (and my friend the hotel manager is trying to get it here in Murmansk).

There is sun on the terrace until almost eleven o’clock at night. I hope that some of my friends have the same plans as I do. Today we should enjoy the first cold beer or wine . We can work again when the weather is bad – and I am afraid that this will happen soon…