Billionaire Poroshenko new president of Ukraine – Russia offers dialogue

The Chocolate-oligarch Petro Poroshenko has won the presidential election already in the first round with 54.1 percent of the votes. The main rival Julia Tymoshenko got just under 13 percent. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow respects the will of the Ukrainian people.

Ukraine is politically a divided country. In the western and northern parts of Ukraine the participation was very high while I was lower in the South, and the election almost did not take place in the Donbass region in the East. In Kiev people were queuing in front of the polling stations.

While Poroshenko got 54.1 percent and Julia Tymoshenko 13 percent, only 8 percent voted for Ljashko from the populist radical party and 6 percent for Yanukovych`s former Defense Gritsenko. All other candidates, including those from the Region Party, the Nationalists (Svoboda) and the extreme right wing “Right Sector” remained below 5 percent and do not play any role.

The Russian government wants to start a dialogue with the new leadership in Kiev. “We are ready for a dialogue with Petro Poroshenko and Ukrainian representatives”, said Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow. “We need no intermediary to do that”, he added.

Lavrov stressed that Russia respects the will of the Ukrainian people. However, he did not say explicitly, that Moscow recognizes the outcome of the election.

Western officials seem to be satisfied with the election results and the Russian reaction. The German government, according to SPIEGEL Online, appreciates Russia’s willingness to start a dialogue with Poroshenko.

Source: russland.RU – Internetzeitung