New Greenpeace action against drilling in the Pechora Sea

Tuesday morning Greenpeace activists blocked the drilling platform Saturn in the Dutch port of Ijmuiden. The platform is supposed to be transported to Gazprom`s Dolginskoje field in the Pechora Sea. Some of the activists chained themselves to the platform but have been arrested by Dutch police after a short time.

Under the slogan ” Save the Arctic” the environmental organization protested against the development of energy resources in the Arctic. The action was to stop the transportation of the platform from Ijmuiden to the North Shtokman .

Greenpeace conducted last year an action in the Pechora Sea that was aimed at Prirazlomnaja platform. Russian authorities confiscated Greenpeace`ship Rainbow Warrior and arrested around 30 activists from over 10 countries. The trial which started in Murmansk and conctinued in St. Petersburg attracted international attention. The activists were released after two months by the Russian authorities.

Around 30 Greenpeace activists from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany participated in action in Holland on Tuesday.

Source:, – Internettavisen