«Out of Murmansk Event 2014»: Invitation to join the yearly gathering 19-20 June

“Norsk Etableringssenter” (a part of SIVA) and FIBA (Foreign Investors Business Association) are preparing again the yearly gathering for people working in international companies and organizations in the Murmansk Region. This year they will  travel to Kirovsk. The subject of this year`s event is “WESTERN MANAGEMENT IN A RUSSIAN COMPANY / ORGANIZATION – What makes the difference?”.

The program consists of short lectures (“discussion openers”) held by people with many years of practical experiences and we will discuss about challenges, possibilities and liabilities. One important aspect is how to work with Russian employees on the background of the different cultures. The target of the organizers: to share our experiences, learn from each other and improve management skills.

This gathering is much about the different culture in Russia and western countries. Many mistakes are made by western leaders in Russia because they don`t know enough about these differences. Experienced leaders will tell about their biggest mistakes and the results, which they are mostly proud of. There will also be a juridical expert, who will inform about legal liabilities of leaders.

As last year, it is intended to organize an informal gathering of people who are supposed not to talk “around the bush” and in diplomatic or academic terms. The working language of the meeting will be English.
Of practical reasons the number of participants is limited to 25 persons. At the present moment (Wednesday 28 May) 7 places are still available.

The participants will leave Murmansk on Friday 20 June at 9.30 by bus to Kirovsk. There will be a lunch after arrival in Hotel Severnaya, where the organizers also have booked rooms for the participants. The official gathering will start at 14.30 in the meeting hall. Dinner in the evening and some social activities.

After the breakfast next day the gathering will be continued. The bus will leave Kirovsk right after lunch and be back in Murmansk at around 16:00 on Saturday 21 June.

The cost for participating in the “Out of Murmansk”-event is rub, including transport (Murmansk-Kirovsk-Murmansk), accommodation (single room with bath) and meals (2 lunches, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast; including basic drinks).

If you are interested, please contact the organizers by email (ulrich@russland.ru) or mobile phone +7 911 30 000 99.

(Photo: From the Out of Murmansk event in 2013)