17 people feared killed in helicopter crash in the Murmansk region

The news service Voice of Russia reports that only two passengers survived when a helicopter with 18 or 19 people on board crashed into a lake in a remote part of the Murmansk region. Among the casualties are according to the news agency top officials from Murmansk county administration and the management of the company Apatit.

Two people were rescued by local fishermen. They survivors were in their seats and drove in shallow water on the remote lake Munozero. Both are hospitalized with serious injuries. The passengers were on a fishing trip to an uninhabited area in the Murmansk region. The accident took place on Saturday evening. It has been reported about bad weather in the area.

In all there were 18 or 19 people on board the Mi-8 helicopter, five of whom were crew members. Among the passengers were top officials from the region and the leadership of the company Apatit. According to the Norwegian state broadcaster NRK, one of them is a deputy governor of the region’s administration.

Source: Voice of Russia , NRK, Dagbladet