Russia’s Central Bank launches blacklist of Russian bankers acting improperly

Already during the next week Russia’s Central Bank will launch a “Black list of Russian bankers”. This is the first time that the Russian public can get information on the internet about the names of bankers who are accused of falsifying documents in their banks.

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Central Bank, Mikhail Suchov, informed the press about this plans, which will make the banking sector more transparent.

The central bank is not only willing to list the names of the bank officials who acted improperly, but will also report in which degree they used the money of their customers in order to enrich themselves. The blacklist will be published on the central bank’s own website and will be updated continuously.

“We are going to publish information that we submitted to the legal system of banks that lost their license and we will post information about which banks – and in which amount – have insufficient assets. This information is intended for the attorney general’s office and the Interior Ministry”, said Suchov.

The central bank’s deputy informed further that already 462 Russian bankers ended up on the blacklist since the beginning of the year. They have lost the ability to work in the banking sector in future.

Source: Kaliningrad