Governor Race for the election of a Murmansk Governor has started

June 27 was the deadline for nominating the candidates for the post of the Murmansk governor. Six persons have officially announced their participation in the governor race. Favourite is the acting candidate Marina Kovtun, who is nominated by United Russia.

According to the regional bodies of Russia`s main parties have nominated the following candidates parties:

-          Marina Kovtun, “United Russia” party

-          Mikhail Antropov, “Communist Party of the Russian Federation”

-          Maxim Belov, “Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia”

-          Vitaly Izmailov, “Party of Revival of Russia”

-          Alexander Makarevich, “A Just Russia”

-          Igor Morar, “Civic Platform”

The strongest runner seems to be the representative of the ruling “United Russia” party with the acting Governor Marina Kovtun. The communist candidate Mikhail Antropov is considered by many as a convenient sparring partner for Mrs. Kovtun, with a traditional role to collect votes of critically-minded citizens.

The radical opposition to the current regional government is most clearly represented by Vitaly Izmailov and Igor Morar. Vitaly Izmailov, former spokesman of Governor Kovtun and a popular TV presenter’, said following about the nomination procedure: “I believe that this team should be changed. The two years has been just wasted in the shuffle. Certain expectations were tied with the arrival of the current governor, but, alas, it turned out that these hopes were in vain“.

Before heading to the Regional Electoral Commission to file an application, the candidate of the “Civic Platform” held a press conference. “We often hear that everything has already been decided and the current government will win again,,” said Mr. Morar. “But whom do we hear this from? — from our regular opposition, who in good order take part in elections and nicely lose. And then for decades they sit in the regional Duma and shift responsibility onto others. It’s time to change this situation. We do have the alternative.”

About two months ago Head of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun announced her decision to renew her mandate in snap elections. In her opinion, it will strengthen the legitimacy of the regional executive power and will help to join forces around the work of improving the social and economic situation in the region. The election of the Murmansk governor will be held on September 14. To win it in one round the candidate has to get not less than 50 per cent support of active voters.

Source: (also photos) – With friendly permission from our partners SIVA /