“Eternal” winter time in Russia from October

The Russian parliament has adopted a law on time and time zones. This means that Russia will on October 26 set the clock back one hour to “winter time”. After this step all experiments will be history – there will be one time that applies all year and no difference between summer and winter. According to the law only Russia’s parliament will be in future responsible for all issues related to time and time zones, the news service “Voice of Russia” reads.

Moscow time – the main time zone in the giant Russian empire, which also includes St. Petersburg, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk – will after 26 October correspond to the third zone on the UTS-scale (Universal Time). In other words, if the last “winter correction” will be completed in October, the difference between Moscow and Greenwich will be three hours instead of four as at present.

This means for the Barents region that the time difference between for example Norway and Murmansk will be two hours in the winter and one hour in the summer. Regarding Finland it will be one hour in the dark season and no difference the rest of the year.

SIVA-director Geir Reiersen commented: “Russia goes back to winter time! Good news for us who travel to and from Russia! Two hours we can manage”.

Moreover, Russia restores two time zones which were abolished by the government under Dmitry Medvedev`s Presidency in 2011. From 26 October, there will be again 11 of them in total. It was also decided, that any future changes of the time or time zone system must be regulated by the Parliament and not by the government.

Source: Voice of Russia