U.S. exports to Russia at record high level

The news service Kaliningrad Domizil reports that exports of U.S. goods to Russia reached a new record in May and rose to 1.2 billion USD. This is an increase of 21 percent compared to April, according to the American newspaper “The Wall Street Journal”.

In March, the United States began – together with member states of the European Union – to impose sanctions against Russia. The sanctions include companies, banks and individuals. It was the intention of these measures to contribute to a destabilization of the Russian economy.

Although foreign investors have become more cautious in relations with Russia, the sanctions have not affected the export of U.S. goods to Russia. Since January 2014, when exports had a value of 900 million USD, the volume has grown every month.

At the same time U.S. exports from the United States to Europe and China show a far weaker dynamic. America’s exports to Europe increased since January with only 3.88 percent.

Source: Kaliningrad-Domizil.ru