Ukraine’s gas debt now at 5.3 billion USD

Ukraine has not paid for gas supplies from Gazprom which the country received in the period 1 to 16 June. The debt amounts to 838 million USD and comes in addition to $ 4.5 billion, which Kiev owed ​​for previous deliveries. The total debt is now at 5.3 billion USD, said Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller on Tuesday.

“The deadline for payment for June went out yesterday and we have one more time not received any money from Ukraine’s Naftogaz”, Miller said.

According to Miller the Russian gas giant Gazprom delivered 1.7 billion cubic meters of gas from June 1 to June 16 to Ukraine.

“The total outstanding debt has reached a gigantic amount: 5.296 billion USD. 11.535 billion cubic meters of Russian gas are still unpaid. This is a large quantity that can be compared with the annual deliveries of Russian gas to Poland”, said Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller.

Gazprom cut deliveries to Ukraine last month due to a debt of 4.5 billion USD and went over to a system of prepayment. The company has also filed a lawsuit against Naftogaz in Stockholm arbitration court. Ukraine’s state gas company has responded with its own lawsuit against Gazprom, also in Stockholm.

Source: RIA Novosti