Escalation of conflict after projectile fired from Ukraine hit Russian residential building

Moscow is considering options to respond with “precision punches” on Ukrainian territory after a projectile fired from Ukrainian territory hit a residential building in Russia on Sunday. That was reported by the newspaper Kommersant on Monday with reference to a source close to the Kremlin.

“Our patience is not unlimited”, said the newspaper’s source and underlined that there will not be “large-scaled actions but solely single strikes targeting positions where the shelling of Russian territory was done from”.0

A projectile fired from the territory of Ukraine hit on Sunday a residential building in Donetsk in the Russian Rostov region close to the border to Ukraine. A man was killed and a woman suffered serious damages.

The Ukrainian side denied responsibility for the attack, claiming that it was done as a provocation by the so-called pro-Russian separatists.

The German news magazine Spiegel Online writes that it would lead to a culmination of the situation if it is confirmed that the incident really happened.
Source: russland.RU – Internetzeitung