Norwegian and Russian biologists conduct joint survey of wildlife on the Yamal Peninsula

Norwegian and Russian biologists have traveled to Sabbeta in the Yamal-Nenets autonomous area to study the local wildlife. In Sabetta a new port is under construction in connection with a huge LNG project on the Yamal Peninsula.

A scientific staff member of the University of Tromsø is a part of the research group together with colleagues from the Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The researchers plan is to compare how populations of certain species of mammals and birds are changing. Among these are lemming, mice, hare, reindeer, grouse and several others. Researchers will visit places that are surveyed already since 1970.

The research about changes in the tundra wildlife of Jamal is done parallel with the implementation of similar projects in other countries in the world within the framework of a joint program that was started by the Arctic Council.

The results will be presented at an international arctic congress in Norway in December 2014.

Sabetta became known internationally through the new port which is under construction in connection with the major LNG project on Yamal Peninsula. The private Russian energy company Novatek builds together with French Total and Chinese CNPC Russia`s so far largest plant for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and necessary port and transport facilities.

Source: Russlands Stemme