FIBA, SIVA, Innovation Norway, NRCC: Study trip to Tyumen and Yamal – 23-27 September

Many people talk about business opportunities in Siberia, especially on the Yamal Peninsula. Murmansk is part of the development there, primarily as a starting point for the northern Sea Route – but also in connection with industrial production based in Murmansk companies.

Many people from the Nordic countries think that Murmansk is already a quite exotic and rather special place – but Siberia in Russia’s Asian part is even more unknown and exotic. Therefor FIBA Murmansk (Foreign Investors Business Association) has taken the initiative together with SIVA International to organize a study trip to that area.

Before making concrete business decisions, it is important to get an idea of ​​the very special environment there – climate, long distances, existing and missing infrastructure, experiences made and realistic perspectives. Therefor FIBA Murmansk (Foreign Investors Business Association) invites in cooperation with SIVA International, Innovation Norway and the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce to participate in an orientation trip for commercial companies and related organizations to the “unknown country in the East”.

We travel first to Tyumen because this city became the center for the oil industry after the huge oil and gas fields were discovered in this region in the 1960s. There are a number of companies associated with this industry in Tyumen. The city is also the administrative center for the over 1.4 million square kilometers large Tyumen Oblast – including the autonomous Yamal Nenets area. Salekhard is the capital of this area and a natural base for the large-scale activities on Yamal Peninsula.

Participants on our trip will be among other representatives of the organizations mentioned above and from companies that are already engaged in the Murmansk region. For practical reasons, group size is limited to 20 people. The preparation of this study trip is financed by SIVA International and conducted in collaboration with FIBA. Travel expenses have to be paid by each participant to the technical operator.

There are some few places left – but due to the necessary special permits to travel to Salekhard the registration deadline is 6 August 2014.


DAY 1 / Tuesday, 23 SEP:
Arrival to Moscow during the afternoon from Oslo, Murmansk etc.
We meet at the airport hotel on Sheremetjevo. Joint Dinner with updated information about the trip. Accommodation. Remember that Moscow time is Norwegian time + 2 hours.
Individual travel to Moscow with own booking. The following flight connections are recommended: Oslo-Moscow / Sheremetjevo, Aeroflot SU 2175 13:10 Oslo 17:45 to Moscow. Alternative: Oslo-Moscow / Sheremetjevo, Aeroflot SU 2535, 8:10 p.m. from Oslo 00:45 to Moscow. Prices from NOK 1.300 one way

DAY 2 / Wednesday, 24 SEP:
Flight Moscow/Sheremetjevo – Tyumen (SU1500; 09.40 to 14.20, local time in Tyumen: Moscow time + 2 hours)
Excursion in Tyumen with the first orientation. Joint Dinner and overnight in a hotel downtown.

DAY 3 / Thursday, 25 SEP:
Meetings, visits (including a Norwegian company), orientation. Joint Dinner, overnight

DAY 4 / Friday, 26 SEP:
Flights Tyumen-Salekhard (YC10, 7:00 to 8:40, both places are in the same time zone)
All day: Excursion, meetings with government and businesses, joint dinner with discussion and evaluation, overnight.

DAY 5 / Saturday, 27 SEP:
Flights Salekhard – Moscow/Domodedovo (YC31; 10:00 to 10:50, the time difference between Salekhard and Moscow is 2 hours). Organized transportation to Sheremetjevo Airport for those who need it.

Individual travel from Moscow back to Oslo, Murmansk, etc. The following flight connection is recommended: Oslo-Moskva/Sheremetjevo, Aeroflot SU 2535, 8:10 p.m. from Oslo 00:45 to Moscow. Prices from NOK 1.300 a one way

Prices and terms

FLAIT Group Murmansk is the technical operator of this group travel and performs all necessary bookings.

The number of participants will be between 15 and 20 people. Travel expenses are to be covered by each participant.

Due to the long processing time of permits for travels to Salekhard the booking deadline for non-Russian participants set to 6 August.

There is also quite strong pressure because of limited volumes of aircraft capacity and hotel rooms during the period just before winter starts. Therefore, the operator securing space through prepayment.

The trip must be paid in advanced, an invoice will be mailed after the booking has been registered (except communal meals). A refund cannot be guaranteed if the permission to travel to Salekhard should be rejected.

Billing according your wish through our Russian or Norwegian company with payment to a Russian or Norwegian account.

Package Price (without meals) is NOK 14,800 from and to Moscow.


Included in the package are:

- Flights Moscow-Tyumen-Moscow Salekhard

- A total of 4 hotel nights in single rooms, including breakfast: 1 night in Moscow,    2 nights accommodation in Tyumen, 1 night accommodation in Salekhard

- Transfers to and from airports, local transport, excursions

- Transfer Moscow/Domodedovo – Moscow/Sheremetjevo on the return trip

- Provision of special permission to travel to Salekhard
- Organization of travel and meeting program
- Rental of conference rooms
- Group leader, local interpreters

Meals and other agreed common costs will beinvoiced after completion of travel


Ulrich Kreuzenbeck v / FLAIT Group Murmansk
Tel +7 911 30000 99


Please contact us soon as possible. You will receive more detailed information and an application form for permission to travel to Salekhard.