Absurd reactions on a terrible tragedy

A tragedy has happened in the airspace 11,000 meter above Ukraine. 300 lives were lost when an airliner was – most likely – hit by a missile. The aircraft on the route Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur belongs to the same airline and is even of the same model as the one which disappeared on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Peking about four months ago.

But something is different. While the world was in March touched by the human tragedy and the mysterious circumstances, it is now the political message which is in focus. While Malaysia’s defense minister after today`s catastrophe stressed that there is not any evidence that the plane was shot down, the case is clear for Ukraine’s Foreign Minister: “We will prove that the Russian military was involved”. The President of Ukraine talks about an “attack” and a “terrorist act”. The country’s interior minister claims – according to CNN and Volkskrant.nl that pro Russian residents of the crash area have already “stolen all objects out of the wreckage”.

Is it impossible to stop this? Can`t they try to just shut up and mourn in a dignified manner with those who have lost family and friends? Is there really no way to refrain from speculating and demonizing – at least for a little while?

It is a tragedy…