Putin signed Executive Order on “special economic measures to protect Russia’s security”

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed on Wednesday an Executive Order On Special Economic Measures to Protect the Russian Federation’s Security. The order is an reaction on the sanctions of the European Union against Russia.

The Kremlin writes on the presidential website:

Russian state bodies of power, federal authorities, local self-government bodies, legal entities established in accordance with Russian law, and physical individuals under Russian jurisdiction shall, in carrying out their activities, respect for a duration of one year following this Executive Order’s entry into force a ban or restriction on foreign economic operations involving the import to Russia of particular kinds of agricultural produce, raw materials and foodstuffs originating in countries that have decided to impose economic sanctions on Russian legal entities and/or physical individuals, or have joined such decisions.

The Russian Federation Government has been given instructions accordingly. In particular, the Government has been instructed to take measures to ensure balanced goods markets and prevent accelerating price rises for agricultural products and foodstuffs; to organise together with regional authorities timely monitoring of goods markets; and act together with associations of goods producers, retailers and organisations to take measures to increase supply of domestic goods.

The Executive Order takes effect upon its signing.

Source: Official website of the President of Russia kremlin.ru