Norwegian Foreign Minister Brende: No change of the Norwegian High North policy

The situation in eastern Ukraine does not affect Norway’s High North policy in ways other than that all military cooperation is put on hold this year, said Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende when visiting Bodø with his Polish colleague Radoslaw Sikorski on the last day of July. The situation in Russia and Ukraine was a key part of the discussion between the two UD-heads according to the website “High North News”

When asked about the situation in Russia, in which extent the events in Eastern Ukraine will affect Norwegian High North policy, Brende said: “On the military side, cooperation with Russia is on hold throughout the year. When it comes to security and coastguards there is nothing that has changed. And in further cooperation perspective, there is no immediate change, people to people cooperation continues as before, and we believe it is important to continue this, said Mr Brende. He adds that this is of course dependent on Russia.

Source: High North News by Linda Storholm (High North News is an independent newspaper published of the High North Center at the University of Nordland)