Finnish tourism industry is losing up to 200 million Euro turnover due to fewer Russian guests

The Finnish tourism organization MaRa estimates that spendings of Russian visitors to Finland will decrease with at least 100 million euros this year. In the period from January to June 2014 there were also around 10 percent fewer Russian guest nights in Finnish hotels. The organization expects the numbers to go back even stronger in the second half of the year due to the economic uncertainty that prevails. A weak ruble and the crisis in Ukraine wreaks havoc on the Russians’ desire to visit the neighboring country.

“In the recession year of 2009, the turnover of Russian tourists fell by about 100 million euros, the current crisis is however worse”, says Jouni Vihmo, economics expert at MaRa. “This time revenues will decrease by at least 100 million, possibly even 150 million to 200 million Euro”.

In 2013, Russian visitors spent around 1.4 billion Euro in Finnish tourism businesses, restaurants and duty-free shops. “The average spending per visitor in Finland is also reduced. It is already clear that in the current situation the negative trend exceeds the last crisis”, said Vihmo.

Source: Sankt Petersburger Herold (in German)